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Professor Clive Shiff is an entomologist who shares fascinating insight into his work.

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Tune in to discover:

  • What sleeping sickness is and how it’s transmitted
  • What it was like living in the African Bush for over two years and coming face-to-face with wild animals
  • Where schistosomiasis is found, how it is contracted, and what it does to the body

For two years, Shiff lived in the African bush, where he encountered elephants, rhinoceros, leopards, hippopotamuses, and many other animals face-to-face. He shares his experiences, what he learned during this time, and what he did to avoid deadly parasites and diseases like malaria and sleeping sickness.

Shiff discusses the efforts to eradicate malaria in the 1950s, parasitic diseases such as sleeping sickness and schistosomiasis, what therapies and sanitations efforts have been implemented in response to schistosomiasis and why it has been so difficult to combat, and how he is trying to improve diagnostics for parasitic diseases.

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