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Overbond is a first of its kind fintech platform that aims to make the process of investing in bonds simpler and more efficient. Through their platform, companies looking to raise money through capital markets are paired with investors who are willing to purchase these bonds.

In the past, communication between both parties throughout the lifetime of the bond origination process–including the decision to bring a bond to market, data analytics, price quoting, forming the syndicate, and ultimately distributing the bond to buyers and the settlement–can involve up to 8,000 people, 5,000 phone calls, and 20,000 emails.

Overbond’s platform allows for much of this communication to be done through them, with the utmost security. This ultimately streamlines the process of bond origination and makes it more efficient for all parties, while cutting down on the constant back-and-forth communication.

Currently based in Toronto, Overbond is planning an expansion into the US markets soon. A long-time professional in the bond market, Magelinic also offers us some insights into the industry’s past, and some predictions for the future.

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