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Messaging Lab is a life science communications and strategy firm dedicated to making science stories more accessible to the everyday person. They will assist companies starting with creating a business strategy, all the way through public relations, which can help companies who either want to bring synthetic organisms into their business model, or even companies that want to get involved in bio-technology but don’t know where to start.

Because of the interest they have received, both in helping companies develop a bio-technology strategy and learning how to speak with non-scientists about highly technical science stories, Karl has also published a book titled “What’s Your Bio-Strategy: How to Prepare Your Business for the Age of Synthetic Biology.”

In it, he discusses the need for businesses to create their bio-tech strategy now, even though many businesses don’t think they will need one for years. Karl also discusses how the field of bio-technology is employing cryptocurrency and blockchain, through ICOs and even the creation of a registry of genetically modified organisms.

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