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Most of know that the climate is changing, and it’s changing rapidly–in ways that will continue to cause environmental degradation and extinction. Most of us also want to do something about it but have a hard time seeing how we can really tackle such a big problem on the individual level. How can MY choices actually affect the future? After all, I can’t just decide to ban deforestation or switch everything over to clean energy. What is it that I CAN do?

According to the biologist, author, and environmental consultant Mary Ellen Harte, Ph.D., the answer lies in a solution that’s just as important as protecting the forests and becoming global leaders in clean energy technology, but not talked about nearly as often: family planning.

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By preventing unintended pregnancies through free and effective family planning services, we can slow the growth of the population. This approach will not only address the problem of climate-changing pollution, but also the relationship between population growth and stress, physical and psychological problems, and higher crime rates.

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In her work, Dr. Harte emphasizes the importance of environmental economics and encourages people to seek out and vote for the political leaders who do the same.

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On today’s podcast, you will learn:

  • Why the issue of climate change is so politicized in the U.S., but not in other countries
  • Whether or not technology can address the magnitude of climate change that’s occurring
  • What will likely happen if the right solutions are implemented quickly, and what will likely happen if they aren’t

To learn more about how the environment is being affected by climate change, Dr. Harte recommends checking out The Daily Climate. To find a free online copy of the book she co-authored called Cool the Earth, follow this link

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