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Inerjys is a private equity fund investing in companies and technologies in the clean energy and climate change arena. Founder and managing partner, Stephan Ouaknine, discusses the following:

  • Why the commercialization of technologies is crucial in order for products to make a real impact on climate change, and why commercialization can be difficult
  • What types of new clean energy and agricultural technologies are being developed and how they work
  • What would be necessary in order to lower the cost of solar energy

Ouaknine understands that a budding technology company needs more than just the funds to develop its product: it needs early adopters and proof points in order to reach a greater market and actually have a tangible effect. In the world of technological developments designed to tackle climate change, this is even more important, since the cash risk is substantial for early adopters.

In order to address this challenge, Inerjys ensures that they not only fund companies but invest in projects that will use the products those companies create, thereby commercializing the products and making them significantly more likely to be used as a feasible climate solution.

Ouaknine shares information about some of the products in the Inerjys portfolio, including a new, cost-effective approach to hydropower turbines in the ocean and vertical farming in response to urbanization. He also discusses emerging techniques for carbon capture and conversion, why the price of solar power is still high and how it could be lowered, and the technologies that are becoming increasingly commonplace.

He details the ways in which these technologies have a positive impact on the environment, and how to further commercialization of emerging technologies might stave off an otherwise imminent and devastating increase in global temperature.

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