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Joining the podcast to address microplastic pollution is Aleksandra Tubić, Ph.D. Aleksandra is an Associate Professor and Chair of Chemical Technology and Environmental Protection at the University of Novi Sad Faculty of Sciences in Serbia.

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With a background in chemistry, Aleksandra has fostered a deep fascination with the issue of microplastic pollution.

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Examining how microplastics interact with other pollutants at a chemical level has allowed Aleksandra to uncover many interesting facts about this complex issue – and in this episode, you have the opportunity to hear about these findings for yourself…

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Join the discussion to learn about:

  • When the research of microplastics began in the scientific community, and how it has evolved.
  • What chemistry can tell us about microplastics and how they interact with other pollutants.
  • Why microplastics show up in wastewater, and how they interact with other particles.
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  • What the future of microplastic research may hold.

Want to find out more about Aleksandra’s work? Click here now!

Episode also available on Apple Podcast:

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