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Joining us in this episode to discuss microplastics and nanoplastics is Andrew Mayes. Andrew is an Associate Professor of Chemistry at the University of East Anglia where he analyzes and identifies microplastic contamination at a chemical level.

Andrew has spent much of his career producing polymer micro and nanoparticles for various analytical applications. Using his skills in environmental analysis, he has been able to shift his focus on researching the growing problem of microplastic and nanoplastic pollution – and what we can do to stop it.

Jump into the conversation and you’ll learn:

  • Why it is important to be able to detect and count microplastics quicker, cheaper, and more easily.
  • How to properly analyze microplastic samples.
  • What happens to microplastics as they oxidize over time.
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  • What the future may hold for microplastic data and how they affect humans.

Microplastic pollution is still a fairly new problem, and researchers like Andrew are redefining the way the scientific community views this issue as a whole.

Tune in now to discover his unique approach to this emerging environmental challenge!

Click here to find out more about Andrew and his work!

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