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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Technological advances have made life easier, that’s for sure. Information and data is now accessible right at our fingertips via smartphones and tablets, but how can technology offer an opportunity to improve our health and keep us safe?

Nersi Nazari, CEO of VitalConnect gives us an in-depth look at how advances in health technology are making patients’ lives safer, and easier, through FDA approved, prescription monitoring devices. Biosensors deliver real-time monitoring of a patient’s most critical vitals such as heart rate, breathing rate, electrocardiogram, and temperature, as well as fall detection, patient motion, and posture.

Advances in chip technology and miniaturization of mechanics have revolutionized patient monitoring devices making them not only more efficient and accurate, but also small and discreet. Gone are the days of bulky, embarrassing monitoring products that scream to the world that you’re a patient; privacy is now a patient’s privilege!

Through this informative discussion we’ll discover how data can be interpreted in aggregate to track a patient’s direction toward recovery and allow doctors to make more informed decisions on treatment. Additionally, we’ll take a look at how AI and predictive learning technology can be applied to health monitoring to improve patient progress, and foresee potentially catastrophic medical events.

Nersi Nazari also provides an overview on new advances that will allow for a patient’s data to be digitally input directly into their medical files, thus reducing the potential for human error, and providing immediate doctor access to their crucial health data.

Twitter: @VitalConnectInc

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