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Could better emotional and physical health be as simple as subtle movement? Anna Jacobsen says it is, but the art of her practice is not quite so simple.

Tune in to discover:

  • What it means to say that every organ has an energetic quality
  • How emotions like anger and aggression can manifest physically and be “felt” in certain organs
  • Why depression presents special challenges and a greater level of complexity when it comes to healing through Jacobsen’s approach

Jacobsen is an alternative practitioner who focuses on helping people reduce stress and fear in their life, improve their cognition and creativity, and foster physical health through movement—specifically by applying a deep understanding of the correlation between body systems and movement.

She’s a somatic movement educator and therapist, but her work with clients is really a hybrid of various techniques and approaches, each of which she tailors to the individual.

She dives into the details of her work, both on a personal and professional basis, touching on her experiences with people who have suffered traumas and sought healing through her practice. An understanding of and communication with cellular consciousness, she says, is an area ripe for exploration and potential, and one that she aims to learn more about in order to improve her life and the lives of others.

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