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Are you consuming high amounts of deuterium without even knowing it? Could this predispose you to a higher likelihood of developing cancer?

Press play for the answers to these questions, and discover:

  • How mitochondrial dysfunction might explain the development of cancer, and what can be done in light of this
  • How the oxygen we breathe and food we eat combine to contribute to the production of water in our bodies
  • How diet and lifestyle can protect against the development of cancer

László G. Boros is a professor of pediatrics at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and a member of the Clinical and Translational Science Institute at UCLA and The Lundquist Institute for Biomedical Innovation.

He takes a metabolic approach to the problem of cancer, focusing on the metabolic pathways of normal versus tumor cells, and trying to develop therapies that specifically target pathways unique to cancer cells.

Boros discusses a variety of interesting topics, including the role of mitochondrial breakdown in the cause of cancer, the function of ATP synthase nanomotors (and how they break, and what happens when they do), why it’s important to avoid high-deuterium foods, deuterium depletion therapies, and much more.

Check out to learn more.

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