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Medtech Impact on Wellness

Dr. Eva Detko, Ph.D., natural health specialist, author, noted speaker, and podcaster, delivers an overview of her interesting background and work with natural medicine.

Dr. Detko has a keen interest in natural health and has devoted her life to the field for nearly two decades. Her work is primarily based in psychology and she uses multiple methods, such as hypnotherapy, Havening Techniques, NLP and mindfulness. Dr. Detko believes in the power of food and as such, she has written two cookbooks and is a strong believer in nutritional therapy.

Dr. Detko talks about her own medical history. As she suffered personally with fatigue and digestive issues and was eventually diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, and fibromyalgia, Dr. Detko starting digging deeper to find a holistic solution to her maladies. Starting with nutrition and biochemistry to manage her conditions, she later expanded into psychology and psychotherapy, as well as a plant medicine. And today, feeling better than ever, she is sharing her vast knowledge with others, with patients who are suffering needlessly with a whole host of nagging, painful medical problems.

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Dr. Detko discusses nutrition, and she explains how our bodies must also contend with more toxicity in the environment today than in decades past. She shares her thoughts on electromagnetic sensitivity and toxic metals. She outlines the ways that our bodies deal with multiple levels of toxins, emotional stressors, and so forth, and how it can build up and contribute to medical issues and symptoms.

Dr. Detko talks about water purity and the importance of water filters.

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And she discusses cosmetics, deodorants, and creams that we put on our skin and the collective impact they are having on our health. Going deeper, Dr. Detko explains how people may first discover what is ailing them. She explains that those who suffer from complex and multiple symptoms should see a naturopathic practitioner who is skilled and trained and can help them diagnose their problem. She explains that testing is important, in order to figure out why symptoms are occurring.

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Dr. Detko has studied natural medicine, the human mind, and the body/mind connection for over two decades and is dedicated to helping people who suffer from the many medical problems that have both physiological and psychological/emotional elements.

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