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In this episode, we sit down with a plastic and waste expert to discuss the science of sustainability. Given the threats that microplastics and other contaminants pose to the environment, animals, and humans, having a well-rounded approach to this subject is crucial.

With the insight that this guest offers, we get to dive deeper into the intricacies of how to monitor, develop, and sustainably solve the plastic and waste crisis that our world is facing…

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Jump in to explore:

  • How to inform “circular economy approaches” with better data.
  • The power of educating people about bioplastics.
  • If there is data on the harmful effects of plastic on human health.
  • How researchers are able to study and identify microplastics.
  • Why it is important to characterize the diversity of larger plastic particles.

Wondering how researchers are tackling the issues surrounding waste and plastics? Join the discussion now to find out for yourself!

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