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Mental health issues can be debilitating. Given that many people don’t know where to begin with the management of their psychological challenges, having someone that can help lead the way can be life-changing.

Joining us today to discuss his work in this very field is Justin Hayes, a Professor of Business, author, and a Career Coach at The House of You.

As someone who has depression himself, Justin draws from his life experiences to inform his work with mental health education. Using engaging lectures, workshops, and books, Justin has helped countless people navigate through their mental health journeys – enabling them to thrive as a result… 

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In this episode, we cover:

  • How Justin’s mental health diagnosis impacted his personal and professional life.
  • What led to Justin’s admittance to a mental health facility.
  • How psychiatrists and therapists can mitigate the impacts of psychological difficulties.
  • Why stress and depression can affect your diet.
  • The importance of getting information out of the mind and putting it on paper.

Want to learn more about Justin and his work with The House of You? Click here now!

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