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In this episode, we discuss microplastics in marine environments with Dr. J. Evan Ward, Professor and Head of Marine Sciences at the University of Connecticut. As an accomplished experimental biologist, Dr. Ward researches the dynamic interactions between marine animals and their environment – ranging from the organism to the ecosystem level.

Dr. Ward heads up a lab called the Marine Environmental Physiology Laboratory. Here, he and his students study the behavior and physiology of benthic, particle-feeding invertebrates. Primarily focusing on commercially essential bivalves such as clams, mussels, and oysters, Dr. Ward is on a mission to keep these organisms as healthy as possible, especially given the vital ecosystem services they provide…

Join us now to uncover:

  • Where microplastics tend to collect in water columns. 
  • Where plastic particles ultimately end up in marine environments. 
  • How bivalves filter particles through their bodies. 

You can find more on Dr. J. Evan Ward and the Marine Environmental Physiology Laboratory here!

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