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In this episode, we are joined by Elise Granek, a Professor of Environmental Science in the Department of Environmental Science and Management at Portland State University. Elise’s research primarily focuses on applied coastal ecology – specifically looking at the transition zone between land and sea.

Elise and her team are on a mission to conserve the marine community, ecosystem processes, and biodiversity by conducting applied research relevant to management and policy. By analyzing emerging contaminants (such as microplastics), Elise is dedicated to finding out how land activities affect coastal and marine ecosystems…

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Click play to find out:

  • How Elise’s experience in the field shaped her perspective on conservation biology.
  • Land-based activities that impact marine ecosystems.
  • Where microplastics come from, and how they affect different organisms. 
  • The types of clothing that create the most toxic contaminants. 
  • Interventions to utilize that can mitigate the output of harmful contaminants.

Want to learn more about Elise and her conservation efforts? Click here now!

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