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Today we connect with Sally Jenkins, a Pulitzer Prize finalist and author of The Right Call: What Sports Teach Us About Work and Life. She joins us to discuss her writing career – specifically outlining the events and people she encountered that brought her to where she is today.

As a sports columnist and feature writer for The Washington Post, Sally has spent a significant amount of time analyzing and interviewing coaches and athletes. This experience informed the writing of her latest book in an extraordinary way, and led to her realization that there are seven crucial principles behind success.

What could these principles be? Tune in to see for yourself…

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Jump into the conversation now to discover:

  • The primary focus of Sally’s book.
  • Why we tend to appreciate athletes for the wrong things.
  • How athletes can teach us how to manage stress.
  • The importance of practicing in the environment we’re going to make decisions in.
  • What happens to your body when you are under stress.

Want to learn more about Sally and her work? Click here now!

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