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In this podcast, Svetlana Lutsenko, PhD, Professor of Physiology, Associate Director for Basic Science and Clinical Relations, Institute for Basic Biomedical Sciences, Johns Hopkins Medicine, discusses monogenic human diseases, Wilson’s disease diagnosis, and copper’s effects on the body.

Podcast Points:

  • Does copper play an important role in the body?
  • An overview of metals, and how copper in animal diets has an effect on fat
  • Should I be worried about getting enough copper in my diet?

Dr. Lutsenko talks about her interest in human disorders that are associated with copper metabolism. Copper plays a vital role in the production of neurotransmitters as well as in the maintenance of bones, nerves, and blood vessels. Dr. Lutsenko discusses imbalances in the body, genetic disorders, and copper’s role.

The PhD continues her discussion of copper deficiency disease and the treatment of genetic disease, with an emphasis on drugs that can remove copper from the body. Dr. Lutsenko’s research has delved into many important areas of science, such as Menkes disease; animal models for Wilson’s disease; proteomics; metal biology (iron, zinc and copper); as well as membrane proteins biochemistry, etc. 

Dr. Lutsenko discusses the many things they have observed in animals that exist on a high copper diet.

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As the PhD states, these animals absorb more fat.

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She goes on to explain that more copper in the diet can actually end up producing less fat in the body.

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Additionally, Dr. Lutsenko discusses various treatments and therapies, and the balance that the body needs overall, discussing drugs for treatment, and improvements that could benefit the liver.

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