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With the recent success of token sales, every day we see more and more popping up; some solid, some downright dangerous.

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Before you jump on the token sale bandwagon, there are some serious things to consider and pitfalls that can be avoided.

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In this interview, Matthew Nolan, CEO, and Founder of Menlo One explains how they are providing people who are investing in ICOs with a new level of insight into the projects by assessing uncensored feedback from your peers, as well experts. They are also making the process of participating in the process as easy as pushing a button.

Menlo One is a system for sophisticated token sales. They make software communication systems, databases, and marketplaces that make sales easy and secure through their products, including the Townhall infrastructure. Within the space, comments (including negative comments about ICOs) can’t be deleted.

Additionally, it allows people to pool their money to pay experts to do their due diligence while investigating and assessing the ICOs. It’s a place to have a real honest conversation and help guide even the most novice participants in the direction they may want to take.

Menlo is building a strong community of feedback that is decentralized and censorship-resistant, providing real advice and feedback on token sale experiences.

For more information, please visit: https://menlo.

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