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There is a clever, new, video sharing platform that is set to disrupt the space in 2018. The developers of Verasity are aiming to launch a system using blockchain technology that will help creators of content to monetize and manage what they are sharing by rewarding the entire community with VERA, their cryptocurrency which can be converted into the other traditional cryptocurrencies.

It is often difficult to put a true value on online content due to mistaken or “fake views” and potential for fraudulent activities as well. Data is then often quite inaccurate. Veracity Industrial Networks, a leading cybersecurity, and software company has given birth to Verasity and developers are looking to solve this issue with its various tools.

They have developed a patent pending “Proof of View” using blockchain technology. The PoVTM gives each view value by gauging audience participation and using legitimate views, certifying the worth of the content. The creators then earn VERA coins from those who want to purchase pay-per-view videos, subscriptions, etc. The coins are bought and earned as a reward for watching and sharing the content.

On the viewer side, participants are getting quality content and are also earning the coins for watching.

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