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If you’re an entrepreneur in today’s world looking to raise capital for a blockchain-based startup, your options are going to be limited by the traditional capital formation process. This traditional system is structured in such a way as to capitalize on technology that’s being leveraged on legacy systems—systems that existed prior to the rise of blockchain and distributed ledger technology. “With where technology is today and with the market demands that are needed, we need to be more creative and innovative about the capital formation process,” says Syed Hussain, CEO of Liquidity Digital, a startup that aims to introduce new ways of making funds available for the creation of assets within previously underserved markets, including blockchain technology.

By automating every aspect of the regulatory process (e.g. know your customer (KYC), due diligence, anti-money laundering (AML), accredited investor checks), structuring deals and issuance securities, creating smart contracts pre and post-issuance, and dealing with tax compliance issues, dividend distributions, on-boarding, transfers, and more, Liquidity Digital is an integral part of the entire life cycle of a startup, connecting the right issuers with the right quality investors on a global scale, and they’re doing it in a much more economically efficient way than traditional methods.

Hussain joins the podcast to discuss a bit about his personal background, the creation, and development of Liquidity Digital, the details of how it all works, and their future plans.

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