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Mark Jeffrey is the award-winning co-founder and CEO of Guardian Circle, a service tackling an extremely critical industry most of us take for granted… emergency response. He’s also a serial entrepreneur with five exits, a published author, named one of ’50 to Watch’ by Variety, and worked closely with some of the biggest names in tech including Jason Calacanis and Travis Kalanick.

Guardian Circle will support the six BILLION people worldwide and in developing countries, who have no emergency services at all — particularly in countries like India where a woman is sexually assaulted every 15 minutes.

Guardian Circle is the first emergency response system that acts as an AMBER Alert-style warning for your own private network. The app offers four different alert levels: Emergency, Urgent, Request and
Only A Test, so your guardians know the severity of your request, can communicate with one another and organize a response team, dispatching help closest to your emergency. These guardians are then rewarded in cryptocurrency with Guardium, the company’s new token built on NEO. Tokens can be redeemed for more services or sold for fiat currency within the platform. All transactions are recorded using blockchain-based smart contracts.

Guardium’s token sale is going on now and closes June 1, 2018 @ 6:59AM (UTC)

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