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Greg Paulsen, Director of Applications Engineering at Xometry (, discusses the work they do at Xometry, including an overview of on-demand manufacturing services.

Paulsen heads the Applications Engineering team that is responsible for handling special case projects that demand specialized attention to material selection, design-for-manufacturing, and technical engineering resources as well.

Paulsen discusses Xometry, and how they came to their company’s name. He provides an overview of what they do—making manufacturing easier. He discusses how they have sought to revolutionize the established manufacturing industry by introducing AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning. Their system allows customers to procure parts in one location, yet still take advantage of the talents of thousands of people in a gigantic manufacturing network.

He discusses sourcing of parts, technical data packages, communications, and the entire process from start to finish as manufacturers bring all the necessary elements together. But the system is slow, and thus Xometry enhances the entire chain so manufacturers can get pricing quotes and information more efficiently and faster. 

Paulsen discusses customized manufacturing and set up costs, and as he states, there is a need for high level specification but quantities needed are not as high. He explains how Xometry can help customers find the right suppliers who can meet these specialized needs.

Continuing, Paulsen talks about quantities needed, touching on the processes in 3D printing and how improvements can speed up manufacturing times. Paulsen goes on to discuss the feedback customers can get right away after they input their data, and manufacturing/parts needs. As Paulsen states, they seek to create a ‘knowledge nucleus’ for clients and customers, so they can make all sorts of important decisions that will bring multiple, more efficient technologies to their manufacturing process. 

Wrapping up, the manufacturing expert details how their solutions help customers to streamline their process for manufacturing. He discusses their typical and atypical clients, and he provides further information on raw goods, milling, and prototypes.

In this podcast:

  • 3D printing uses in manufacturing
  • What methods can manufacturers use to speed up their manufacturing times?
  • How can AI make manufacturing more efficient?

Check out Xometry’s 3D printing service and CNC machining service today.

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