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Constant surveillance, an insidious disease-causing agent that we embrace without question, the largest biological experiment on human subjects, and lockdowns used to censor and strip us of our freedoms. Is this the future, or the present?

Press play to learn:

  • The true intention behind widespread 5G rollouts, and the impact this technology is having on human health, honey bees and birds, and even soil microbiomes
  • How sweat droplets can serve as small antennas for receiving and sending information through high-frequency millimeter waves
  • How 5G impacts people physically and psychologically, and exacerbates existing illnesses
  • How the coronavirus has been weaponized against people worldwide, to censor, remove freedoms, reduce democracy, and more

In 2008, Reinette Senum ran for Nevada City Council in California, and won more votes than anyone in the 150-year history of the city. She served until 2012, and again from 2016 to 2020. Among many things that she observed and acted on while on the city council, she fought to reject Senate Bill 649, which would line the streets of California with 5G antennas.

Despite having been an early adopter of Wi-Fi technology and cell phones, she was becoming increasingly aware of the major biological impacts of these technologies. She talked to experts around the world, and became further resolute in her position: 5G is a military application—“EMF warfare” even—that can cause instant death even from great distances, and as such, it doesn’t belong in the public sphere.

Even in the face of anti-5G petitions put forth by thousands of doctors, scientists, and experts around the world, the rollouts show no signs of slowing. As soon as the coronavirus lockdowns were put in place, so too were thousands of 5G antennas all over the country, including within school systems.

Senum explains the wide range of symptoms and diseases that can result from or be worsened by wireless technology.

“I have done everything in my power to reduce my exposure because I know that it was impacting my health; I was able to figure that out over time. A lot of people won’t know it, and when they realize it, they’re going to be dealing with some type of blood cancer, tumor, or really compromised health, and unfortunately, the medical world is not keyed into this yet. In fact, hospitals…are some of the hottest environments; they’re utilizing 5G everywhere,” says Senum.

This is just the very tip of the iceberg. Senum explains the agenda behind COVID-19 and tells listeners one eye-opening piece of information after another. She also shares her short and long-term plans, which include weekly meetings with doctors, scientists, and experts who are dedicated to revealing the truth about COVID-19, the “vaccine”, 5G, censorship, and more.

Tune in, visit and to learn more, and find Senum on BitChute and YouTube.

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