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Dr. Fareeha Al Siddiq shares exciting advancements in remote cardiac monitoring in this episode on cardiac health care.

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  • How their devices offer diagnostic and post-diagnostic solutions with real time monitoring and how that’s different from other systems,
  • What happens if the device records an event that’s outside of the programmed parameters, and
  • What are future trends in cardiology devices and remote patient monitoring.

Dr. Fareeha Al Siddiq is a top medical expert at Biotricity and explains how their technology works and improves treatment for the number one health concern in the U.S., heart disease. Its near real-time monitoring component means that if a wearer has a cardiac event or has something life-threatening occur, their physician is notified immediately. Their medical team can then get a head start on treatment for the patient and can reach out if there’s an immediate concern that needs addressing. 

The pandemic has helped them see gaps in the system as far as accessibility—less populated areas have been underserved regarding cardiac health assessments. They make sure any location with cell phone receptivity can receive and use their product. In fact, the blue tooth device is about the size of a cell phone and backs up the data through multiple connections to the cloud. Physicians say the biggest benefit for them is getting a jump start on diagnosis and treatment. They can recall the patient sooner, change their dosage and medication sooner, and seek other needed treatments in better time.

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