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Do you need to save one million dollars for the retirement you want? Do you have one year to plan for the wedding of your dreams? Are you looking to buy a new house? Do you want to plan for two vacations per year, rather than just one? Regardless of your goal, the team at Charles Schwab is ready to harness the power of technology and put it in your hands so that you can make your goal a reality. “We find that clients actually find investing to be much easier with the help of technology,” says Cynthia Loh, VP of Digital Advice and Innovation at Charles Schwab.

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In today’s episode, she explains everything their robo-advisor has to offer and the specific details of the basic and premium Schwab Intelligent Portfolio services.

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She also discusses the overwhelmingly positive feedback they’ve received from clients, what makes Schwab stand out among other robo-advisors, and the direction of their future growth.

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