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Currently the online casino gaming industry is not willing to take creative risks with new games for the future–instead, they are staying with the same types of games that they know are currently popular. JoyToken aims to give game developers a place to take those risks and offer new games to the public.

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Through the JoyToken platform, their API has been made available to game developers, who are able to create their own games and submit them through the platform.

JoyToken will review the games to make sure that they are up to quality standards, and then will publish them on their platform under their license.

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This enables independent game developers to make games that they are interested and get them to market, without having to worry about purchasing an expensive license. The use of smart contracts will enable JoyToken to accurately record, secure, and audit user data.

Developers will purchase JoyTokens to get on to the platform, and will be paid the revenues from their games in JoyTokens, which will keep the JoyToken economy strong. The JoyToken ICO starts in February 2018. Also during the next year, JoyToken will look at integrating Bitcoin, will hopefully finalize exciting new partnerships, and will release the updated website with an optimized user experience.

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