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Joseph Wang has been personally involved in cryptospace since 2014; however, after a bad experience where he had his Bitcoin stolen, he realized that he needed to look into better hardware wallets in order to keep his Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies safe.

Because hardware wallets are designed to hold private keys securely in the device’s MCU and prevent them from being released even when the wallet is connected to the Internet, it is a much more secure way of holding cryptocurrency.

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He decided to create a crypto hardware wallet superstore, which now carries all of the major hardware wallets.

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Joseph discusses the pros and cons of each of wallets, the difference between hot and cold storage, and new updates coming to hardware wallets in the next year.

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He also briefly touches on the recent hacking news, and how new crypto users can keep themselves safe. Joseph and CryptoHWwallet will be at the Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchain Superconference in Dallas, Texas from February 16-18, and will be focusing on hardware wallets, cases, and accessories.

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