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IrisVR has built VR tools for the architecture & design industries. “Iris Prospect” allows customers to take their 3D plans and blueprints & turn them into VR experiences view-able on devices like Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, GearVR and Cardboard. “Iris Scope” converts panoramic images into VR experiences for smartphones.

CEO Shane Scranton explains that his company’s aim is to make everything simpler for the design & architecture industries & will help the industry move beyond gimmicks.

Shane and I jivved extremely well during this interview and had a great time. We talk about lessons learned from the gaming industry (of which VR and AR have benefited tremendously).

Listen to this exciting interview and learn more about the even more exciting technology & make sure to share & subscribe to the Podcast. Don’t forget to donate Bitcoins, to our pub key on future tech podcast dot com to keep us moving.

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