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We often take our resources for granted – especially water. It’s not often that we think about the importance of treatment methods that help us reuse water to avoid the potential of water scarcity.

Joining us in this episode is Dr. Paul R. Frail, the Technical Leader at SUEZ Water Technologies & Solutions. SUEZ is a company that supplies water treatment chemicals that are designed to lengthen the lifespan of water-dependent machines like boilers, chillers, and cooling towers. They are doing this in an innovative way so that they can bring an environmentally conscious water treatment solution to the industrial sector.

Join us as Dr. Frail discusses:

  • What industrial water technology is.
  • Interesting things that he has learned about water throughout his career.
  • What makes water a cornerstone of our society.
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You can find out more about SUEZ and its approach to water technology by visiting

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