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When Beran Parry was 40 years old, she discovered a lump in her throat; at first, she didn’t know what it was, and she also didn’t know that its existence would change her life forever—in many ways, for the better. Parry had a five-centimeter polycystic tumor that would require the removal of her thyroid gland. Although she’d almost always had an interest in health, nutrition, and exercise, this event compelled her to learn more about the thyroid gland specifically, how the thyroid hormone interacts with the body, and how to live a quality life without it.

She brings an impressive amount of information to the conversation today, discussing the most common symptoms seen in thyroid diseases, the significant impact of inflammation caused by poor diet and stress and how to go about fixing it, the role of reproductive hormones in health, and her process of patient evaluation, which often includes DNA health testing in order to better understand a number of less common symptoms.

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