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It’s true: we’re wired to eat, but what should we be eating? Is there a one-for-all holy grail of diets that we just haven’t found yet, or is an “appropriate” diet something that varies from person to person?

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How much should we be exercising, and does stress really contribute to weight gain?

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The answers you get will probably depend on who you’re asking. Today’s podcast focuses on Robb Wolf’s opinion on these and a variety of other topics.

As one of the world’s leading experts in paleo nutrition, author of two books on The New York Times Best Seller list (The Paleo Solution: The Original Human Diet and Wired to Eat), and former research biochemist, it’s safe to say his opinions carry a lot of weight.

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Tune in for an intriguing and eye-opening conversation that touches on the role of diet, lifestyle, genetics, epigenetics, socialization, and the gut microbiome in overall health and quality of life.

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