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As both a gastroenterologist and internist, Dr. Samantha Nazareth has become an expert and go-to resource for anything that has to do with our gut and the bugs that live within it.

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On today’s episode, she talks about a number of interesting topics, including the most common complaints she receives from her patients, what leads to heartburn, stomach ulcers, bloating, internal bleeding, and how to go about treating or preventing some of these things, how sugar intake, neuropathy, and gut health are interconnected, how the gastrointestinal system communicates with the brain, probiotics, and a number of questions about the microbiome, including whether research is being done on a part of the microbiome that will provide a sufficient snapshot of an individual, whether or not there is a “normal” microbiome, and how further research on the microbiome could lead to an unprecedented level of personalized medicine that could take us a step away from pharmaceuticals.

To read articles on these topics written by Dr. Nazareth or to contact her clinic, visit

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