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In this episode, we sit down with Ali Wing and Dr. Jason Ryder. Both guests are from a company called Oobli, where Ali serves as CEO, and Jason as the CTO and Co-Founder.

Oobli is a company on a mission to solve society’s sugar problem. By deriving sweet proteins from fruits, they use breakthrough technology to provide sweet lovers with a healthy alternative to sugar.

Oobli wants to make its products scalable, accessible, and affordable. Given that we’re all hardwired to crave sweets, sweet proteins could play a major role in bending the global health curve. So where does Oobli fit into all of this? Join the conversation now to see for yourself…

We all know we should be eating less sugar. But we’re constantly bombarded with drinks and snacks loaded with refined sugar might not be as harmless as we thought. Enter Oobli, who JUST launched the world’s first beverages to satisfy your sweet tooth with protein! Oobli gives brand new sweet iced teas with sugar-like sweetness without the impact to your health. Get 20% off your Oobli order with promo code GENIUS at and try all three delicious, craft-brewed sweet iced teas: lemon, peach, and mango yuzu.

Click play to discover:

  • What sweet proteins are, and why we’re just now learning about them.
  • The effects of sweet proteins on blood sugar and gut microbiome.
  • Oobli products that aim to replace foods with added sugar. 
  • What “hidden sugars” are, and where to look for them.

Want to learn more about Oobli? Click here now!

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