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Military working dogs, contract working dogs, and other service dogs serve a very specific purpose for mankind.

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But what happens when they retire? Where do they go? In this episode, we sit down with Bob Bryant of Mission K9 Rescue to find out…

Mission K9 Rescue is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2013. With a dedication to the service of retiring and retired Military Working Dogs, Contract Working Dogs, and PD-K9s, this organization has rescued over 1,000 dogs.

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By rescuing, reuniting, re-homing, rehabilitating, and repairing retired working dogs, Mission K9 Rescue has been a beacon of hope for dogs across the globe…

Join us now to discover:

  • The importance of getting service and working dogs the help they need. 
  • What “working dogs” are, and what it takes to untrain them.
  • Where retired working dogs usually go.
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  • What would happen to service and working dogs if Mission K9 Rescue wasn’t there. 

Want to learn more about Mission K9 Rescue and their mission? Click here now!

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