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In this informative podcast, Kevin Kastelnik and Guillaume Gautier, the founders of dreaminzZz (, discuss sleep and hypnosis and the benefits of relaxation for reducing stress and increasing productivity.

After many sleepless nights amidst an incredible amount of work, Kastelnik began to dig deeper into the process of sleep. He found that poly-phasic sleep (sleeping multiple times, and typically more than two) was successful, and allowed him to absorb heavy workloads more efficiently while still feeling well rested.

Kastelnik discusses his company’s vision and their primary product, HYPNOS. The objective of HYPNOS is to facilitate access and ease of use for modern hypnosis, applying it to any type of application from service, to health, fitness, or wellness. At dreaminzZz, Kastelnik and Gautier bring together technology, methods of hypnosis, and creative innovation to launch efficient alternatives to achieve their highest priorities.

HYPNOS is the first connected hypnosis mask. It is a set of groundbreaking tools that enables users to utilize hypnosis in their professional activities, synchronized to visual and motion simulations in order to bring the benefits of hypnosis to customers.

Kastelnik & Gautier talk about the mechanisms of HYPNOS. The HYPNOS sleep mask provides light and vibration that are connected to a mobile app, which works to allow people to focus on many areas that need attention, from stress reduction to pain reduction, to relaxation, fear, and much more.

The app will deliver hypnotic suggestions that allow the users to fall asleep or achieve their objective. They talk about the various suggestions that users can utilize, which allow users to fall asleep 3 times faster than usual. Specifically, while listening to the story in the app, the hypnotic suggestions are introduced, which as stated above, enables sleep to come faster. And with quality, restorative sleep being achieved faster and more efficiently, everyone can improve their health.

The sleep and hypnosis experts talk about the feedback they are getting from their users. As they state, sleep disorders and stress are the two main areas that their more than 10,000 users primarily tend to focus on.

Finally, the hypnosis marketers discuss their product rollout globally, and the new, exciting products that they will be introducing in the coming years.

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