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Roger Sholanki, CEO of Book4Time (, provides an analysis of the many issues that individuals and businesses face in regard to booking and scheduling for every industry.

Sholanki is an experienced and tested entrepreneur who has spent his career focused on disruptive companies and products that seek to improve the global health and wellness industry in general. Never accepting any given situation, Sholanki thrives on challenging the status quo, and he inspires his team at Book4Time as they set the bar higher for everything from product development to customer success. He is a pioneer in the spa and wellness industry and Book4Time is the world’s most innovative cloud-based management software.

Sholanki talks about Book4Time’s objectives as a business management platform focused on the global wellness industry. He states that online booking is the preference today as call booking wanes more and more.

Sholanki discusses the users’ preferences, and how users research then book their reservations. He explains the details of their app and how users can benefit from its many features. From spas in hotel resorts, to the beauty industry, wellness, leisure, and more, there are many industries and services that can take advantage of Book4Time’s platform. Sholanki provides specific examples of their wide customer base and how they each utilize the specific booking and reservation application features.

Sholanki gives specific details about the app’s features and their uses. With Appointment Booking users can maximize and grow their revenue with convenient, centrally managed guest bookings as well as optimized therapist schedules. With Marketing & Retention, the app enables users to drive revenue and retention with specialized memberships, loyalty points, and even referral incentives.

Revenue Management allows every user to precisely manage and track revenues over the cloud with a sophisticated point-of-sale and payment processing system. Business Intelligence & Reporting provides for centrally managed and automated business processes and best practices.

Their Staff Management feature allows users to save time on staff scheduling and bolster productivity with goal tracking, incentives and more. And their Inventory Management feature keeps everything centrally managed, so you know the inventory and can manage it for all your spa locations, and so much more.

The organizational tech entrepreneur talks about feedback from consumers and the areas of their app in which he hopes to expand. He describes certain challenges that come up in the booking process and how Book4Time is solving various industries’ problems.

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