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Sahil Sahni, co-founder of AllyO, a Silicon Valley based AI technology company, delivers an interesting overview of the many problems that exist in the human resources arena, and how his company’s tech is beating them, one by one.

Sahni and his company partner saw a major problem in business recruiting and launched AllyO in 2016 as a means to solve it for companies worldwide. The problem—recruiting is inefficient, applicants are lost in the process, conversions are poor, and the cost is high due to menial tasks placed upon the hiring teams. Essentially, there is a complete lack of visibility and the process offers little control for human resources leaders.

Sahni and partner realized they could build a better engine, and did. AllyO reinvented the system by bringing the recruiting process directly to the qualified applicants instead of the traditional route of bringing the applicants to the recruiting process. And AllyO’s system loops into human beings only when needed, thus allowing the mundane work to be circumvented, keeping human employees on more important job tasks. Sahni explains how his company uses deep workflow conversational AI to streamline and automate end-to-end recruiting. AllyO successfully enables a managed workflow, by using smart technology to engage via texting over web and mobile avenues.

Sahni states that their system not only greatly relieves the stress and drain on human resources departments, but also significantly improves the quality of incoming new hires.

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As Sahni explains, the highest quality candidates are discouraged from applying due to the extensive, laborious process of first finding an appropriate position, and then being forced to fill out an online application for 45 minutes to an hour per opening.

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For a company that is seeking the best employees, this is highly problematic as sometimes it is only the most desperate candidates who will go through this difficult process, a process that only offers a 15% chance or less that your submission will be seen or acted on.

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AllyO utilizes conversational career matching across multiple talent acquisition channels, qualifies the candidates for the role that perfectly fits their skill and experience, then fully automates the scheduling of interviews and even post interview communications. Responsiveness, better communication, and a more human type interaction back and forth, all built into the AI drives engagement to higher levels. As the AI probes deeper into a candidate’s qualifications it makes granular decisions along the way, which allows for candidate ease and better options for the hiring manager.

The tech expert explains how AllyO uses each engaging interaction with a potential candidate as an opportunity to learn, thus enabling the system to answer candidates’ questions in an increasingly sophisticated manner. Additionally, their AI ensures that proper conduct is always a priority by discarding biases. And as AllyO is a multilingual, highly configurable technology it can integrate easily into any HR system. Ironically, it is AI that is putting the human touch back into hiring.


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