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Today, we welcome Logan Christopher back to the podcast. Logan is the CEO of Lost Empire Herbs, a family-run natural supplement company that was created by three like-minded brothers that have a passion for living a healthy lifestyle.

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Lost Empire Herbs ships its products around the world to consumers who are seeking to enhance their health by supplementing with potent herbal extracts. Targeted for both men and women, these supplements are assured to give you more energy, mental focus, better sleep, hormone health, and more…

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Click play to learn about:

  • The origins of Lost Empire Herbs, and the products that they supply customers with.
  • How herbs can optimize the hormonal system, and what the benefits are.
  • Different methods of ingesting herbal supplements.
  • The health advantages of taking pine pollen.

Are you wondering how you can take your health to the next level?

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Lost Empire Herbs may be the answer you’ve been looking for!

You can purchase these products for yourself by visiting

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