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In this conversation, we discuss gardening with Jessica Hicks, the founder of Itty Bitty Micro Farm. Alongside her husband, Michael, Jessica started Itty Bitty Micro Farm as a way to bring highly nutritious, sustainably produced, organic foods to their community.

With a background in restaurant management, Jessica and Michael decided to pursue gardening during the pandemic. Embracing the idea of producing their own food, they started sharing their crops with family and friends – which eventually led them to start their own business selling microgreens…

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Tune in now to discover:

  • The health benefits of microgreens.
  • The many different types of microgreens, and where they come from.
  • How to creatively incorporate microgreens into your diet. 
  • What makes sprouts and microgreens different. 

You can find more on Itty Bitty Micro Farm by visiting their website here!

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