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In this episode, we connect with award-winning Functional Medicine MD Dr.

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Peter Kozlowski. Dr. Kozlowski’s practice centers around healing from chronic disease and maintaining long-term health by identifying underlying causes, focusing on nutrition, gut health, hormones, and toxins.

Dr. Kozlowski is also the author of Best-Selling books Get the Func Out and Unfunc your Gut, works that address ​​mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical health – all from a functional medicine perspective…

Jump in now to hear us discuss:

  • How Dr. Kozlowski’s past alcoholism shaped his professional future. 
  • What functional medicine really is. 
  • The five main areas that doctors look at with functional medicine. 
  • How imbalances can cause health to deteriorate. 

Wondering how this functional medicine expert is working towards reframing health and wellness? Join the conversation now to find out for yourself!

To learn more about Dr. Kozlowski and his work, click here now!

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