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Joining us today is Melissa K. Norris, a modern homesteading specialist passionate about educating others. Living on 14.96 acres in the foothills of the North Cascade mountain range of Washington State, Melissa shares her knowledge of self-sufficiency through her books, blog, YouTube channel, and podcast.

Drawing inspiration from old-fashioned skill sets and wisdom, Melissa teaches her audience how to grow, preserve, and cook their own food in practical ways. So, what makes Melissa’s approach to modern homesteading so unique and compelling? Listen now to find out for yourself!

In this episode, we cover:

  • The importance of being cognizant of your body’s reaction to certain foods. 
  • Why staying away from factory-farmed meat is generally more healthy.
  • What makes grass-fed and grass-finished beef beneficial to your body.
  • How to get started growing your own food.

You can find more information on Melissa by visiting her website here

Episode also available on Apple Podcast:

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