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Today we connect with Kathleen Tlush, the CEO and Founder of Tlush Family Farm. On a small patch of land near Philadelphia, Kathleen and her family cultivate everything from microgreens and mushrooms to edible flowers.

Kathleen is a full-time mom and a full-time farmer – and she loves every minute of it. She has an indoor garden that takes up half of her living space, which allows her to grow crops 365 days a year…

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In this episode, you will discover:

  • How Kathleen balances her passion for farming with her family life.
  • Why the type of mushroom you are growing matters so much.
  • How microgreens influence mushroom growth.
  • Kathleen’s long-term farming goals.

Whether you are a farmer or a consumer, this podcast is sure to provide you with useful gardening tips!

You can learn more about Kathleen Tlush and her work with Tlush Family Farm by clicking here.

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