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We often think of cancer treatment primarily as types of radiation therapy such as chemotherapy. However, some medical professionals are finding that vaccines may be a productive method of killing cancer cells within our bodies, which is an exciting new scientific development.

We are joined once again by Dr.

Brendon Coventry, a surgical oncologist, immunologist, and medical researcher. Dr. Coventry is the Associate Professor of Surgery at the University of Adelaide, South Australia, and he spends his time researching innovative treatments for cancer using vaccination methods.

Listen now to learn about:

  • Dr. Coventry’s background in immunology, and how it paved the way to his interest in vaccines.
  • How vaccines can be used not as a prevention, but as a treatment of cancer.
  • What immunotherapy is, and how it plays into Dr. Coventry’s medical work.
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You can find out more about Dr. Coventry and his research by clicking here and here

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