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In this episode, we connect with Angelos Deltsidis, Ph.

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D., an Assistant Professor and Post-harvest Extension Specialist at the University of Georgia.

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As an expert in the field of horticulture, Angelos focuses his research on an intriguing area of specialization: post-harvest fruit and vegetable physiology.

So, what happens to fruits and vegetables once they are harvested?

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Angelos is determined to find out…

Jump in to explore:

  • How fruits and vegetables can transform after they are harvested.
  • Why scientists are interested in slowing down the degradation process of fruits and vegetables.
  • Which fruits can produce ethylene, and what it does for the ripening process.
  • The importance of eating fruits and vegetables that are fresh and stored properly.

To find out more about Angelos and his research, click here now!

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