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Is aging the root cause of disease and the breakdown of our bodies?

If we can find a way to alter the process, many advances in health and longevity may no longer be out of reach. Press play to learn:

  • Why we age
  • How some organisms appear to be biologically immortal
  • Potential developments to interact with aging coming down the pipeline

Co-Founder of NOVOS, Kris Verburgh, joins the podcast to discuss his work with epigenetics and how aging affects our bodies.

The prospect of aging has long been a reality that many of us would like to avoid.

However, even with setting vanity aside, slowing the aging process or stopping altogether may hold the key to a host of health benefits.

Since genetic modification has recently moved out of the realm of science fiction and into reality, altering the aging process has never been more tangible. New developments and procedures are in the works in the coming years and hold significant promise to potentially alter how humankind considers biology.

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