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Dr. Pamela Smith is Director of Medical Education at the American Academy of Anti-Aging. She shares insight on her areas of expertise: thyroid disease, and female hormones.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why it’s not sufficient to only check thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) in order to assess optimal thyroid function
  • Why only two (rather than all three) types of estrogen are replaced when a woman has low levels
  • Which hormone could be considered the “master precursor” of hormones, and which could be considered the conductor of the hormonal symphony in the body

Many women hear the word ‘estrogen’ and immediately associate it with negative health consequences. The truth is that estrogen has over 400 important functions in a woman’s body, affecting everything from hearing and blood sugar levels, to blood pressure and memory.

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Dr. Smith explains the three types of estrogen in the body, what sort of symptoms can arise when there is a hormonal imbalance between progesterone and estrogen, the best way to measure most hormones in the body, and what to test for in order to get the entire picture of a patient’s thyroid health.

She also shares her personal experience with low progesterone, tells anecdotal stories of patients she’s been able to help, and discusses more broadly the importance and role of hormones in the body—whether female or male. “We want people to live to be 100, but more importantly, we want people to live to be a healthy 100 years of age.

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She explains that by running the right tests to get to the root of a problem, anti-aging medicine can lead people to the treatment they need. In addition, preventative medicine through good lifestyle choices and the right balance of all hormones in the body can slow aging, reverse or slow the progression of diseases, and ultimately enhance our quality and length of life.

For more information on these topics, check out the following books authored by Dr.

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-What You Must Know About Thyroid Disease

-What You Must Know About Women’s Hormones.

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