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How can systems of life be analyzed to offer insights into human evolution? By taking a broader approach to examination, a clearer picture materializes than ever before thought possible.

Listen in to learn:

  • How coevolution plays a part in the lifecycle of viruses
  • What factors may be manipulated to alter the aging process
  • How the microbiome relates to the phage-ome

Eric Bapteste, a CNRS Research Director at the Université Pierre et Marie Curie, shares his insight into viruses and how they evolved to target human cells.

Since fitness is often regarded as an evolutionary success, the relationships and systems responsible for this fitness are overlooked. By taking a topographic search into these factors, hints can be gained into which interactions are specifically responsible for effective evolutionary biology.

Due to the complexity and variability of the biome within a phage, it is challenging to nail down the specific processes and causes of certain phenomena. Thus, one of the main challenges facing research as we advance is connecting findings across species and genomes.

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