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In this episode, we discuss the topic of green energy with Andrew Morriss, the Professor at Bush School of Government and Public Service and School of Law, Texas A&M University. As a lawyer and an economist, Andrew has been teaching for almost 30 years. Throughout his career, he has focused his energy on uncovering the truth behind widely accepted political and economic narratives..

Andrew has always been interested in energy – looking at where it comes from, how we use it, and the tradeoffs that are necessary when it comes to changing the way we use it. From his research came the book entitled The False Promise of Green Energy, where he explores the “irresponsibility of attempting to transform modern society with borrowed money, wishful thinking, and bad economics.”

Join the conversation to hear Andrew address:

  • The energy use of electric vehicles vs. gas vehicles.
  • How cobalt mining impacts the environment and people who mine it.
  • The environmental impacts of wind and solar energy.
  • Why green energy infrastructure may be insufficient for large-scale use.

Want to find out more about Andrew and his investigations? Click here now!

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