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Farming is a skill that requires hands-on training – but what if you don’t have access to the resources to learn for yourself? Thanks to people like Emma Torbert, this type of education is available to the students of UC Davis who are interested in sustainable agriculture…

As the Market Garden Manager and Educator for the Student Farm at UC Davis, Emma plays a major role in facilitating farming principles that are regenerative and sustainable. This is all done on a 9-acre mixed vegetable farm that sells its produce through a pop-up farm stand, the UC Davis Dining Service, a 110-member CSA, and the campus farmers market. 

Tune in now to discover:

  • The kinds of students that participate in the Student Farm. 
  • How economic sustainability impacts agricultural operations. 
  • The key aspects of an organic farm. 
  • Three facets of sustainability that influence the functioning of the Student Farm.

You can find out more about Emma and her work with the Student Farm by clicking here!

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