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In the past, tattooing was often regarded as a “gritty” industry. But as it evolves, it has become much more than that. In this episode, we chat with Becky Barker about a restorative approach to tattooing that can help people in a medical context.

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Becky is a professional medical tattoo artist that empowers people recovering from surgery, self-harm, and other conditions by reviving their confidence in their bodies. By utilizing cosmetic-based tattooing techniques, Becky has helped countless individuals view themselves more healthily and confidently.

Listen now to hear Becky talk about:

  • The restorative power of medical tattoos.
  • How tattooing can help cover up scars.
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  • The psychological effects that medical tattooing often has.

Join us now to explore the influence medical tattooing can have on a person’s healing process!

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To find out more about Becky Barker and her career, visit

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